remembering the sunflowers

I took a weekend trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio last summer (2020). While the trip was far from normal due to COVID-19 restrictions, this lovely field of sunflowers that we happened upon on our way into the park brightened my day. I still think about those sunflowers and can’t wait to visit again next summer.

Maria’s Field of Hope at Cedar Point was planted in memory of Maria McNamara who lost a courageous battle with cancer. The foundation hopes the sunflower fields being planted will act as a symbol of love, to honor the children battling cancer and those who have lost the fight.

Maria’s Field of Hope at Cedar Point boasts more than 240,000 sunflowers on eight acres of land planted in honor and celebration of children battling cancer and those who have been lost to the fight. The field is accessible to visitors entering Cedar Point amusement park.

The beautiful sunflowers at Maria’s Field of Hope at Cedar Point are a great reminder of the hope and beauty that every day brings, along with providing great photo opportunities for visitors.


3 thoughts on “remembering the sunflowers

  1. I have fond memories of Cedar Point when I went there with my family in the late 60’s. I always loved the lake right there. What I didn’t know was about this Field of Hope! That is an awesome sentiment and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the nostalgia. 🙂

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I was thinking about the Field of Hope the other day, as the sun was shining and it just reminded me of brighter days. I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone, somewhere might benefit from seeing the photos and reading the inspirational message the field encompasses.

      I’m excited to go back next year – hopefully, without masks this time.

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